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How I got hooked into the techie thing

I remembered when I was about ten years old, I first laid my hands on a computer. My dad bought a some sort of “plastic typewriter” with a tv screen that displayed green letters. We now call it a desktop computer. As time went by, our dad bought us an Atari. I remembered playing tennis, pacman and super mario. When I was about 18 years old, I got to use a computer running on a 5-inch floppy disk. There was no harddrive at that time. WordStar and Lotus was what we used then.

This technology was introduced to me by my mentor and good friend, Andy Reyes. My condolence to Andy and to his wife, Veronica, his daughter, Annique, his brother, Lemuel and his wife, Andy’s nephews and niece, for the passing away of their mother, Araceli Reyes. She died last February 3, 2012 at the age of 84. Her husband, Sir Leo Reyes, who died in 1998, was my professor in Political Science in my undergrad years. He was a jolly and brilliant professor. Ma├ím Cely was a very nice, humble and kind lady, who always have us ice cream on sticks every time we visit her. Their house was a second home to me, where we hang-out, eat, drink and sleep.

[to be continued…]

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